Dear Comrade Drew,

I applaud your guts, intelligence and sheer eloquence in this crafting this essential piece! Not to mention your impressive humor, ha ha! Nothing spells wit like using fuck every other word lol! And it’s great how you totally ran roughshod over any semblance of logic, in your constant bleeting about “there is no evidence that…” [fill in the blank]. I’m glad your 5th grade teacher never got around to informing you that those who assert ‘X’ (e.g. the extreme dangers of COVID-19) are responsible for providing evidence for ‘X’ — one doesn’t prove a negative (“no evidence that [it’s safe to go out[”). Take it from me buddy — it’s never safe to go out. LOL! But I’m overdoing the applause, aren't I. Bet yer blushing beet red right now. I had to say it though, I’m just dying with laughter here, somebody kill the fucking mic, you slay me!

But would I be presumptuous to raise one tiny quibble? You were too fucking easy on those filthy goddamn knuckledragging subliterate assholes who talk about rights and freedom and any such shit! Or they bitch and bleet about ‘feeding their kids’ lmao! Or even worse, they whine about the hundreds of millions who are projected to starve due to global virus shutdowns. As fucking if. And don’t get me started on that whole Sweden thing. Why, I’ve heard almost their entire population has graduated high school! I’d have to Bind, Torture, and Kill practically every last goddam one of them — it gets old.

And while the vivid hate and sadism of your final paragraph did evince a certain amateur flair, and yeah, I enjoy seeing people dying in unendurable agony as much as you do, but … see, leaving half-dead bodies around — that’s not an efficient use of the People’s Resources. Why not just bash their brains out with a shovel and move right along to the next guy, as we do here?

Anyways, I like to encourage new talent when I spot it. Speaking of BTK, you’re obviously a natural on the Bind thing, and I’m picking up on some potential mojo in the Torture/Kill space too. If you want free tips on ‘best practices’ for really keeping ’em “down on the farm” — permanently :) well lemme just say — hold my beer. Ping me day or night.

Your pal,

P. Pot (Brother Number One)

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