I’m surprised Medium has even allowed this piece at all. AGW is a case of confusing (settled) lab science with (unsettled and mostly contradictory) field science. Pointing to CO2 effects in a beaker as the basis for climate is like claiming you understand (and can therefore control and cure) cancer because you pored chlorine over a Petri dish of cancer cells and they all died. AGW is an hypothesis that’s really admirable, even beautiful, in its simplicity — it just happens to be wrong. We’re now almost 40 years into this panic and the results just aren’t there for it. The Maldives are still there, northern hemisphere children still see snow, woke celebrities are still buying ocean front lots. Thus you’ll now begin to hear more and more from the controlled media that ‘global warming causes global freezing’. As the climate stubbornly fails to conform to the models, that will become the last remaining card to play.

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