People have asked me why I harp so much on Contact Tracing, which may seem like a sideshow to some of you. No, Contact Tracing is actually the main event. The current crude lockdown phase has been merely a meat tenderizer to get us clamoring for Contact Tracing as the supposed (but fake) ticket to allow for “safe reopening”. Brilliant tradecraft.

Look at their definition of ‘voluntary’ isolation/quarantine (yes they use the word ‘voluntary’ in open, un-ironic and direct contradiction to its plain meaning. This is the exact definition of Orwellian New Speak — they are nakedly mocking us, essentially laughing directly in our faces as they inform us that 2 + 2 = 5:

“It is very important that you comply with this request for voluntary quarantine. Your health and the health of others depend on it. If you do not comply with this request for voluntary quarantine we may use a detention order, enforced by the police, to assure your compliance.”

The Tracing Officer is instructed, in cases of non-compliance, to “seek an order from the court finding the individual in contempt of court under chapter 7.21 RCW (incarceration and/or fine up to $2,000 per day). Imprisonment may take the form of electronic monitoring at the quarantine site.”

So it will be arrest at gunpoint. Now, you’ve seen this Floyd George thing. What’s going to happen the first time somebody complains about being voluntarily imprisoned? They’ll be slammed to the ground and get 250 lbs of knee pressed through their neck until dead, that’s what. We’ve just seen how orders are “enforced by the police”. How’s that going to go over? They’ll hold a press conference: “We had to destroy the patient in order to save him”.

Contact Tracing (which, by the way, as a genuine public health method applies only to the very earliest stage of an epidemic, something we are long past but that doesn’t matter) is the entire key to this pandemic event, it’s the entire point of it all. Once the players (and their apps) take the field over the next couple months, the entire population will end up locked down (by transitivity of ‘exposure’), and then relocked every few weeks, not long after each release, just by living your life. Pay attention!

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