Just, in the immortal words of Michael Jackson, ‘be careful what you do’, because the real damage from ‘punching somebody in the nose’ is liable to be not the punch itself (most people have no idea how to throw a competent boxing punch) but rather from resulting loss of balance, or slip, or fall from whatever proximate cause (often as I said not the punch per se, but more likely the surprise or other complicating factors), that ends with a skull hitting a hard surface. This, in far more cases than the author of this piece or most of its readers even begins to realize, causes not only possible temporary loss of consciousness (sidewalks, walls, curbs and stair edges are way more competent at that than your average outraged social punch) but may very easily result in concussion, skull fracture, internal hemorrage, spinal cord injury, and death or permanent disability from any of a thousand different factors that come into play once head hits any kind of solidity. Not saying you should refrain from exprressing your deep feelings on any social or political question .Just: (1) be sure your target is truly a Nazi (not a movie extra or anything semi-innocent) (2) be sure you are committed to the full outcome of your action, up to and including murder or manslaughter charges. It may well be worth a few years in prison to you, but just be clear what you’re signing up for before you pull the trigger (so to speak). On the brighter side, in prison you’re likely to find many more even grosser Nazis upon whom you can further hone your pugilistic skills.

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