Thank you! Very reassuring, I had been worried after reading the Warren and Klobuchar letters of inquiry on the state of the voting machine industry. But, exactly as each of you has very astutely pointed out (thank you! :) the mere fact that a steak knife COULD be used as a murder weapon, does not in any way constitute proof or evidence that a given steak knife actually WAS the murder weapon in a given specific instance of homicide. Such evidence is obviously non-existent in this case, as repeatedly demonstrated by the voluminous authoritative links cited by all on this thread (thank you to all who’ve contributed!) Sad that you need to take even a minute of your day to enlighten these fucking airbreathing, knuckledragging, subliterate Neanderthals! But it was very kind of you to do so. I’m now fully reassured, and I look forward to 4+ years of competent, moral, intelligent, scientific, and empathetic leadership under a genuinely distinguished statesman (well, at the very least Joe’s not a fucking orange nazi rapist for Christ’s fucking sake! We are finally ascending the evolutionary ladder once again!)

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