Use all your well-learned politesse,
Or I’ll lay your soul to waste (Geo-Engineering)

I’ve noticed that, terminologically speaking, ‘climate change’ is now absolutely preferred over ‘global warming’. That’s because ‘climate change’ maintains the hermetically unfalsifiable nature of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory. The term ‘climate change’ maintains AGW theory as a 97%-bulletproof chunk of hardass bare metal science, eh? With ‘climate change’ you can claim any kind of extreme weather, including global cooling, as support for the theory. That’s a necessity since the planet, embarrassingly, isn’t warming up the way it’s supposed to. Thus ‘climate change’ is the best cover story for these geo-enginering maniacs (recently written up here on Medium) who want to spray even more poison into the skies.

These are the same psychotic morons who proposed geoengineering to melt the polar ice caps in the 1970’s, forestalling the next ice age. LOL! Dig if you will the picture: before you go further mucking up the earth, before this geo-engineering pyschosis turns out to be geo-thalidomide ooops! — have some humility, have some courtesy towards the poor old earth and sky. Have some sympathy, and some taste. The geo-engineering cure will be worse than the disease and finish the patient off completely.

Soak up the ancient wisdom below — noted more than 2,000 years ago. We’ve already mucked things up enough, let’s not throw gas on the fire.


The wish to grasp the world and control it — I see its futility. The world is a chalice of spirit; it cannot be controlled. One who would control it will ruin it; one who would grasp it will lose it.

Things may lead or follow, blow hot or cold, be strong or weak, sustain or destroy. Therefore the sage discards the excessive, the extravagant, the overbearing.

— Dao De Jing :29

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