XRP ‘security’ discussion is not about FACTS, it’s about FIX

Too many people all over YouTube and everywhere are pointlessly trying to list out all thefacts” proving XRP is not a security. Clearly it isn’t, any more than owning an iPhone represents a “security” claim (of either interest entitlement or ownership rights) on Apple Computer (which “promotes” the iPhone and controls the supply, etc.). But this fight has nothing to do with “facts”! So don’t bother listing all the reasons why it obviously isn’t a security. Give it up. That’s not the point. The point is, this is an economic turf fight. Truth and accuracy have NOTHING to do with economic turf fights. Clearly there are at least some powerful interests out there that have some kind of serious stake in either (a) having XRP declared outright as a security. Or, (b) simply keeping the SEC silent on the point for so long that it turns into a permanent “wall and chain” on XRP. So here is the real question: WHERE is the “fix” on this question? And: Is the “fix” strong enough to ram a “security” label down Ripple’s throat?

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