You have not quoted my post accurately. Anyway, I’m familiar with citation of the DKE as a drive-by riposte, I’m not interested in that right now. If you are serious about this topic, begin with the paper here that concludes lab origin of a chimeric virus:

If you have trouble accessing it, that’s because the CCP mandated its removal. Next, watch the documentary here: You will note some political coloring to this. Don’t let your emotional reaction to that coloring put you off your pursuit of the paper trail. You need to begin thinking and working like a hard-nosed detective who can’t be put off by superficial considerations like those. Note the coloring, but persist. Follow the paper trail, particularly the publications by BSL-4 Wuhan lab coronavirus team leader Shi Zhengli. Followup on “Gain of Function” research, and the use of spike proteins. (If you need help with getting into any original Chinese language research publications, contact me, I am bilingual English/Mandarin Chinese) Assess the reactions from the larger scientific community to this line of research. Here’s some background for you to lay your intellectual groundwork:

Assess the quantity and content of the list of coincidences that you will need to accept one hypothesis (natural species jump from bats either native to the Wuhan area, or bats brought into the Huanan market as a gourmet item for sale vs. laboratory creation of deliberately augmented bat coronavirus samples obtained from distant regions and brought into Shi Zhengli’s research team). Make your own fair determination and if you finally conclude that this is an entirely natural phenomenon, then so be it, and we part as friends with respectful disagreement.

Now, Jason’s reponse mentioned ‘purpose’. I have not claimed that the release itself was purposeful, only the development. Probably the release was accidental. That issue is orthogonal to the issue of what was being developed at the lab.

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